How to make a pallet coaster

Here's a creative idea to make an original mini pallets coasters. We used wooden strips, but we can use also ice creams sticks.In this article we used our forklift toy to serve a drink.


 diy mini pallet coaster


- strips of wood or ice cream sticks



To construct our mini pallet coaster we used 9 wooden squares and 10 wooden strips of these measures:

seven strips 10 centimeters long and 1 cm large

three strips 8,5 centimeters long and 1 cm large

to create the risers between a row and the other we used 9 wooden squares 1x1 centimeters

We glued  the strips of wood :

picture pallet coaster

Here our pallet coaster is with a nice glass of red wine:

photo pallet coaster

In this other picture there are four pallets coaster packaged to be given as gifts to our friend:

pallets coasters