Built a stool with old tires

We built a stool with three motorcycle's tires and we called it POUF-STREET. who would have thought that the scooter tires are so comfortable? A piece of furniture unique in its style ideal for modern furniture or industrial style. Here's how we did it

Step 1 we cut two wooden discs. We use the first wooden disc as support for the foam and the second wooden disc as base of the stool.

draw a circle on the board

Step 2 we cut another wooden disc smaller than the others already cut so it fits inside the tires. we fix the smaller disk to larger disk with screws

cut the wooden discs

Step 3 we pierce the tires and fix with each other with bolts

pierce the tires

fix with bolts

Step 4 We cut a foam disc to the pillow (we used a foam height of about 4 cm):

cut a foam disc

Step 5 We cut a piece of cloth ten centimeters larger than the wooden disc that we have to upholster. We use a stapler to fix the fabric

fix the fabric using a stapler

we built a stool with red upholstery

a stool with motorcycles tires red

we built another stool with pop-art upholstery

stool design diy popart